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Why Indonesian Police Chief General BHD mutations sale at the end of the authority , exclude Gories Mere & Densus 88 " Sales of Soy sauce " About War On Terror

Leads to completely collapse , Berlakukan RUU Kamnas The police not worsen

Non liquidation Densus Rename But , mind – Akalan whine to America ?

What The World It’s ” Big Mafia ” in Indonesia , already the second year in BNN Copot Mejeng Gories Mere

Jakarta 08/08/2010 ( KATAKAMI ) Honestly , the decision to do mutation Kapolri General BHD to hundreds of senior officer and field officer police August 5th, 2010 and late results nomor KEP/479/VIII/2010 invalid.

Why called illegal?

Yes, because now Genderal Bambang Hendarso Danuri has entered the preparation time Pensiun ( MPP ) .

Three months before a person enters the Purna Bhakti then apply the implementation of preparation time Pensiun ( MPP ) .

BHD was born in Bogor date October 10, 1952 . It just retire anniversary of the October 58 next . But in admninistrasi , pemberlakukan pensiun time for effective BHD occurred November 1 2010.

That means starting the week of a single song in 2010 and , Jenderal BHD has entered the preparation time Pensiun ( MPP ) .

What is faster , if a leadership that is like entering the final period of power and success may mark – promotion department handle the decision to anyone who would like dipromosikannya ?

Indeed , police have Wanjak Team ( Kepangkatan & Department ) .

Photo : Kapolri Jenderal Bambang Hendarso Danuri

The decision to do promotion department , promotion or mutation of the line of police , to go through this Wanjak .

However , the final decision and sign the policies needed for promotion or melegalkan mutations have on hand just Kapolri .

It’s a very rancu , who made and who is not going to be a golden opportunity promotion department or mutation .

If in a TR ( Secret Telegram ) issued Kapolri dimutasikan promoted and at least 500 people , so imagine how many thousands of people who can be promoted and dimutasikan by PRIMA to wait to enter the pensiun ?

Busyet , can be thousands of people !

How menyeleksi thousands of people who like the fall of windfall if the system closed and unilateral permutasian be on hand Kapolri ?

This criticism is not to hinder police carry out their systems in order to Tour of Duty , TOUR OF AREA .

However , no one can be sure whether all those who promoted and dimutasikan that deserve to be given the golden opportunity .

can be a personal ambition to dominate each of the subordinate penunjukkan Kapolri chosen to be the strategic positions .

Do not have peanut brittle catch eh BACK ON ROCK !

Photo : Kapolri Jenderal Bambang Hendarso Danuri

Based on the results Kapolri nomor KEP/479/VIII/2010 the names tercantun for promotion department, good promotion and mutation are:

1 . Central Java from IRJEN Kapolda Alex Pol Pol Bambang Riatmodjo to IRJEN Edward Aritonang .
2 . Kapolda East Java from IRJEN Pol Pol Pratiknyo submitted to IRJEN Badrodin Haiti .
3 . South Kapolda from IRJEN Pol Pol guard Rochyana to IRJEN Waenal Usman .
4 . Kapolda North Sulawesi from Brigjen Pol Pol Hertian Aristarkus to Kombes Carlo Tewu .
5 . Kapolda Bali from IRJEN Pol Pol Sutisna to IRJEN Hadiatmoko .
6 . DIY Kapolda from Brigjen Pol Pol Sunaryono to Brigjen Sutarsa .
7 . Kapolda Jambi from Brigjen Pol Lina Garhadi Karnasaputra to Brigjen Pol Bambang Suparsono .
8 . West Kalimantan Kapolda Brigjen Pol Erwin PL Tobing to Brigjen Pol Sukrawardi Dahlan .
9 . Southeast Sulawesi Kapolda Brigjen Pol Pol Sukawardi Dahlan to Brigjen Sigit Sudarmanto .

Meanwhile , five Mabes police office who was replaced ;

1 . Operating Deputi Kapolri from IRJEN Pol Pol S Wenas to IRJEN Soenarko .
2 . Head of National Police Humas IRJEN Pol Pol Edward Aritonang to Brigjen Iskandar Hasan .
3 . Head Construction Law ( Binkum ) from IRJEN Pol Pol Badrodin Haiti to Brigjen up Waluyo .
4 . Head Telematika of Pol IRJEN Yudi Sus Hariyanto to Brigjen Pol Robert Aritonang .
5 . Deputi Logistics ( Delog ) Mabes police from IRJEN Pol Pol Joko Sardono to IRJEN Uid Sus Hariyanto .

This new range names marshal .

Not include the names of the field officer .

There is no question of promotion policies transparansi of the department , because of mutation and promotion will normally be closed , covered as it is treated like a private institution.

Things like this can cause jealousy tudingan social and applied the ” Garage Sale ” aka cheap sale .

Please just enter it into skup permutasian private institutions.

But, the right to seek justice for the basic transparansi and pemberlakukan promotion department , promotion and mutation .

Do not have factor LIKE OR dislike .

Do not have factor of proximity or RESPONSE Kapolri courtesy of those close by entering the pensiun .

Police do not belong to a Genderal BHD .

There, require social control of the NIP , Kompolnas ( National Police commission ) and ( including ) the mass media .

Once again , what made it into a Kapolri the preparation time Pensiun ( MPP ) in grant making policies and issued a Letter of department decision about promotion , promotion , and in alignment permutasian Police .

Who want to be served here , raise fundamental fairness to all members of the Police .

Photo : President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Speak About Ustadz Abu Bakar Baasyir , Let’s Fight The ” Terrorism “


President SBY should look at this problem for police is directly under the President .

Prevent and remove the prohibition Jenderal PRIMA Official results about promotion department , promotion and or permutasian among police post decisions recently .

Firmness of the President is required to prevent RESISTENSI of policies issued in the future BHD end of his authority as a Tri Brata .

Yes , if the decision to promote , increase the department and is not diprotes memutasikan among many .

What if there RESISTENSI ?

Just announced on Thursday ( 08/06/2010 ) Recently , a day later it diprotes by the Indonesian Police Watch ( IPW ) concerning inclusion of the names of the senior officer who tripped cases plump account (read : Super obese ) .

” We protest the new police commission mutations and damaging sense of justice for the community . Some account owners get pregnant as Kapolda strategic department , ” said the head of Presidium of Indonesia Police Watch ( IPW ) , Neta S Pane , the detikcom , Saturday ( 08/07/2010 ) .

Photo : neta S Pane ( Head Presidium IPW )

For more, neta S. Pane also said that the KATAKAMI.COM (August 7, 2010) Kapolri General BHD really take advantage of the results of these mutations to respond to the question wisdom and humor of those closest so far.

Collecting terms of former President Megawati Sukarnoputri presented before the participants Rakernas Struggle PDI recently that this republic is a republic because many funds stir turvy MBELEDOS gas ( explosive ) , rather than concentration of police dealing with this problem but even fun – asyikan want obrak ranks and departments .

What is it made ?

Only on a daily basis , the people of Indonesia will enter the holy month of Ramadan.

Police rather than to improve their situation in society has become more peaceful , comfortable , quiet and free from terror MBELEDOS earlier , this is exactly Kapolrinya fun and the department would promote lower in the final moments authority .

What are you Genderal Bambang Hendarsi Danuri no Sense of Crisis ?

Hey , open the eyes of you police , see and watch the suffering people of Indonesia .

Bertumbangan the people .

Die .

Photo : Former President Megawati Sukarnoputri

Former President Megawati Sukarnoputri is precisely illustrates that this republic is a republic like stir- turvy .

Mbeledos Republic ?

This condition is a terror that is destroying all of the order of life of pain berkepanjangan .

you relax and sale promotion department !

The people more terteror by ” terrorists MBELEDOS ” just now, suddenly Densus 88 Anti Terror ” relapse again ” as last year is to exploit terrorism to be handling sales of ketchup in the mass media .

Densus , Densus , you would have dissolved , still there have the courage to action here .

Yes , if the arrested terrorists really , what should be suspected if all of them are engineering belakaka ?

Wear dong mind if they want ketchup sales !

Let us analyze the psychological side of the rise among the radical Islamic Jihad – name to make a bomb explosion in times past.

Of rate – Islaman they truly are good but they are less accurate in translating the mission of the jihad itself.

Among the Islamic radicals , have been identified are preparing themselves to enter the holy month of Ramadan.

Full Moon blessings for Muslims all over the world .

There will be no Muslims who want to kill or sin in the holy month of RAMADHAN ( including day -to-day by RAMADHAN ) .

Marhaban ya Ramadhan .

Ramadan Kareem .

Muslims will carry a greeting ” Marhaban YA RAMADHAN .

Welcome the holy month of Ramadan .

So , do odd – anehlah Densus you !

you just prepare ourselves for their dissolution by the official .

And much , much, pray for U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama or be generously consented to provide assistance to the police (that the police hoped to embryo development of crisis response team, the new unit is being trained in the United States to set up in Indonesia ) .

Indonesia has been quite the scene with all sales belur sauce about terrorism .

President SBY should remove Kalakhar BNN Komjen Gories Mere from the Anti- Terror police team for the new organizational structure Narkotika Badan Nasional ( BNN ) are made to be substantially below ( direct operate ) President .

Photo : memoirs Ali Imron ( terpidana case Bom Bali I) that the young police emaskan


Ali Imron Menohok police memoirs

Indonesia Protect terrorist Ali Imron , contempt of Court ?

Cute , is a senior officer who ( is the profit Dikasih department ) as Head of the Implementing Body Daily Narkotika Nasional ( BNN ) , but even in teknis nyangsang implementation tasks Densus 88 Anti Terror .

As expressed by one terrorist terpidana ( MUHAMMAD JIBRIL ) in the conference some time ago , which led Gories Mere direct physical torture ( among pemukulan brutal , ditelanjangi up sex entirely , and difoto ) .

Terpidana terrorists will be forced to sign the appropriate BAP – signed the will Gories Mere .

If you reject the naked pictures of the scene belur ( after the Hajar Densus ) threatened to spread , expand .

Flores Men should be involved in the alleged drug- Liem Urban pembekingan Piek Kiong aka MONAS still only take part in investigations and investigative cases as terrorism .

Gories Mere Hey , you think you are one ?

You think you are the greatest champion in this country until you feel entitled to act belur harmed anyone and would follow your desire Events Inspection ( BAP ) on cases of terrorism ?

Know a little self- dong !

Department at BNN alone, is going to be replaced .

You are too old bercokol the performance of the BNN and no maximum .

It’s nothing to torment among Muslims in the name of handling terrorism .

The main task at BNN , thus you do not .

Anti climax Hani , Datuk Gories Mere Islamic scholars Siapkah Less More ?

It is assumed that Shall Not philosophy ” tortoise THE BOATS ” Flipped Inspection scandal Most Lame Urban Drug Law MONAS ?

Fulfill the promise of BNN to recapture the town drug ( international level ) Liem Piek Kiong should be suspected of trap is legal diloloskan of three times in a row .

In other words , the high commission has also linked its name with the alleged theft of goods 13.5 Sabu drug evidence in 2006 , it ‘s time and the team was eliminated from BNN Anti Terror police.

It has been given the opportunity to sit on BNN department for 26 months or 2 years and 2 months .

Quickly , Genderal star 3 per share in the field doing investigations , and especially to follow the order to the suspected physical abuse .

It must be questionable , if there is sebrutal policy , whether it is a policy or mafia BAR BAR disguised so the policy ?

Indonesian people has TERTEROR by tragedy MBELEDOS last few months .

diteror more people want to cook ?

Do not disturb Muslims in this country to enter the holy month of Ramadan with a calm heart .

Yes , Marhaban Ya Ramadhan , welcome the holy month of Ramadan .

Let grace and blessing by the holy month of Ramadhan is given of God to the range of Indonesian Police semaunya not to react to and work .

Do not talk good faith sell out the rank and department .

Do not talk and wear great news to sales of soy sauce ( again ) about cases of terrorism .

Cape deh .

Nausea it if the state apparatus to act semaunya while the people living under the stress and terror of life berkepanjangan .

The place was saddened saw suffering people of Indonesia , we teringatlah hawker style closeout goods in traditional markets , ” Thousand and Three Thousand and Three . ”

Oh , horror time !

( MS )

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